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Thanks to standardization, shipping containers to Colombia is not significantly different to shipping containers anywhere else in the world. The container freight industry was built on standardization and logistics solutions. In less than five decades, this industry has proven itself to be one of the most globally efficient industries in history. This is what you can expect to happen if you are shipping containers to Colombia from the United States, Australia, China, South Africa or any other port or country in the world:

1) Your Container Freight Company will be your liaison between you, the shipping vessel and the port of call. They will handle all the details of transport. On your end, your only obligation is to provide them with honest and accurate information regarding the nature of goods you are shipping and your anticipated dates of departure and arrival.

2) The key to the safe and secure transport of household goods shipped in containers to Colombia or any other destination is in how well the containers are "stuffed." Stuffing is industry slang for packing of containers. There are extensive guidelines for the proper stuffing of containers. Basically, the load must be balance in the container and it must be securely fastened, so that it doesn't shift in rough seas or when it is being lifted by crane and forklift.

3) The key to tracking containers to Colombia is in the Shipping Order. The "S/O" as it is called, will contain all the information about the contents of the container, including your details, the details of the container freight company and everything else to do with the container. Each container has its own identifying number. In this way, it can be quickly and accurately indexed. When it arrives at the port, it can be immediately identified out of the thousands of other containers that may be aboard the vessel. When it is unsealed for inspection and delivery, its contents can be checked against the S/O. This is why your list of goods must be thorough and accurate. Containers to Colombia are routinely inspected at the port, so be doubly sure that you give a complete listing of household goods in your container.

After containers to Colombia arrive, they will be processed just as they are everywhere else in the world. If you have contracted to pick up your personal goods yourself, you will need to arrange your own transport, but you may need to go to the port in person in order to claim your goods. It is very important that the name on the Shipping Order matches your own identification. In other words, if you work for a company and they are paying for the shipping, you will need a letter of release from the company and your name must be listed on the S/O as the individual who is authorized to take possession of the goods. All container port authorities are very strict about this. It is what prevents theft.

As mentioned above, shipping containers to Colombia is done exactly as it is anywhere else in the world. You can expect everything to go smoothly as long as your container is properly stuffed and the Shipping Order is thorough and complete. Your container freight company will help you with all the details. That's their business and they are experts at what they do.

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Container Ports in Colombia

There are 4 Container Ports in Colombia: Port of Barranquilla, Port of Buenaventura, Port of Cartagena, Port of Santa Marta

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